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    Our 1PP has officially shut its doors. We've had a great two years with it, with it being the highest ranked 1PP server on the game for the majority of that time.

    Thank you for all the support with it, and we're glad we were able to provide such a service that put the whole Hardcore style of gameplay on the map with DayZ. At the time we opened it I could count on one hand how many private 1PP servers were open, and none were populated yet we felt we could offer something that really could take off.

    Back when 1PP was struggling to hit double digits in player count 2 years ago, I managed to get my "Gotta Keep Cool" PvP clip against a couple of cheeky Spaniards. Unexpectedly it got a huge response, and we saw 1PP go from strength-to-strength from then on.

    Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, but there's nothing to say it won't return. We've all got things going on in RL at the moment, and trying out new things as well, and with the current state of DayZ we feel it's a good time to pull the reigns in a bit and cruise a long for a bit before DayZ reaches new height.

    As many of you know a lot of our server costs are covered by the amazing generosity of our community through donations. Each donation, no matter the amount, is hugely appreciated by everyone at UKA.

    For our regular donators, and as a way of giving something back in return as a way to say thank you to others who also donate, we've opened a whitelisted DayZ server. For all donations of £5 or over*, a month's access is granted to our 30 slot server, which is attached to the UKA hive. The server is for a way to take DayZ at a slower pace and explore those areas that usually give you a one way ticket back to the coast on our main servers.

    This isn't a pay-to-win server, even though it is more of a safe haven to set any bases up. There's no rules on PvP, so coming across another player should still be taken with extreme caution, as you could soon be waking back up on the coast otherwise!

    There are of course rules all the usual rules in place on there i.e. server hopping, combat logging, cheating/glitching etc.

    *Donating more than £5 i.e. £10 will not grant you more than a month's access. You can cover friend's access with a donation, so £10 donation can be used to give you and your friend access, or £15 will cover you and two of your team mates.

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About the UK Alliance

The UK Alliance (UKA) was founded in December 2014 and quickly laid its mark in the DayZ world with its fast growing community and world class servers.

With two DayZ Standalone servers running under the UKA brand, we cater to all playstyles, including Banditry, Heroism and KOS.

For more information on our servers, visit the servers section of the website.


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Our server is 24/7 day and restarts every 8 hours starting at 2am GMT. Our 3PP isn't persistence and has loot wipes each restart. Our server is PvP orientated, so action can always be found! All our admins are extremely vigilant and aim to provide you with the best experience possibly with as little distruption as possible. Our Whitelist server is offered to donators who donate £5+ monthly. If you have any issues, then please get in touch on our contact page.

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You can contact us regarding any issues or queries via E-Mail (Click E-Mail to submit a Hacker Report), or join us on Social Media to keep up-to-date with all ongoings within the UK Alliance.